I was born as Peter Arthur de Vries, on the 13th of August of 1988 in The Hague. Though Peter Arthur de Vries is my real name, Arthur has always been my call name. I use Rhinefish as my pseudonym, called after Rhijnvis Feith, a Dutch author who lived from 1753 to 1824. That name intrigued me because I think it's a funny name. Also, the Rhine is a major river in Europe, undoubtedly with fish living in it. So for me, the name has a double meaning.

My musical 'career' started quite early, around the age of seven. My parents wanted me to do something with music. I didn't know what, so my parents decided that I should follow the course Playing with music. That was a singing class, so my first musical experience was singing. We sang all kinds of Dutch children's songs. I believe I did that for two or three years. After having done that, I decided that I wanted to play an instrument. But I didn't know what instrument that was going to be. Therefore, I decided to follow the course Playing with instruments for a year. There I met the flute, the violin and some other instruments. I did't do anything with this course, because there was no intrument in it that appealed to me. I liked to sing, so I started to sing in a singing class again. Officially it was simply called children's choir, but we sang mostly popular children's songs for children of our age. So it was more of a singing group than a choir. We had a little concert once that year, where we sang one song, with a couple of dance steps, in a contest for children's singing groups in a McDonalds restaurant. For the occasion, our group was named the Swinging kids. We didn't win the contest, but we had fun participating.

A year later I still wanted to play an intrument. I decided to learn to play recorder. I did that for three years, with a lot of fun. Once, I gave a concert for a group of people, together with a fellow recorder student and our teacher. After those three years, at the age of 12, I wanted to play something louder and bigger. I chose to play the trumpet, for a friend of mine already played the trumpet.

I followed trumpet lessons for two years. Then I wanted to be able to play an instrument and sing at the same time. Through a friend I encountered with the music of The Beatles. Being obsessed by the Beatles as I was back then, I wanted to sing and play an instrument at the same time, which is hard to do with a wind instrument. I didn't want to quit my trumpet lessons, so I combined guitar lessons and trumpet lessons for a year. In that same year, around December, I started to write songs of my own. The year after that, I decided to quit playing trumpet. After 3 years I wasn't motivated anymore and it was getting harder all the time to produce any sound with the trumpet. The guitar teacher I had also retired, so I also quit the guitar lessons. But there where other areas in music world that I hadn't discovered yet, so I started following piano lessons (chord basics) that year, which was also my final examination year on high school.

Beside the music courses I followed, I remember a school holiday, in (where I followed all the courses) organized a holiday event. It was a two day event, on which children of different musical disciplines came toghether. There were singers, like me, but also oboists, clarinettists and other musicians. The first day was a practising day, on which we rehearsed songs. On the second day, there was a performance for family and friends and all the other people that wanted to come.